Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh, the single - 19th March 2010

I saw you swirling
in your blues and blacks.
I caught you singing
to that reflection again.

When you thought no one was looking...
You told yourself you were always alone...

You kept falling in and out of love,
in and around the desires of it.
Just to be held for once.
So please don't go.
So please just hold out.

I'll try, I'll beg.
I'd plead for your warmth,
I will cling to your hand.
You can guide me,
take me home, or lead me away.

You're growing older, with your utter distaste.
He's glaring at you, your bedroom no longer empty.

Now you long..
To be swirling in your colours.
Today you caught your reflection.
You were dreaming of that song.

The one you'd sing to smile.

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