Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Narcissist Within Our Misanthrope Class - 31st March 2010

I'm confused by (read: confined to) an open state of mind:
To be a narcissistic misanthrope, and for it to cause any issue.

Surely in its true entirety there cannot be a problem. The problem comes from being aware of other opinions, and wanting to fit in or be recognised. Which objectifies your belief in being self-loving, egotistical and also, in mistrusting other persons. With a hatred possibly growing given further thought to those around.

Proof a misanthrope is also [naturally] a narcissist:
In a line of ideas then- To have such distaste, mistrust; At times overwhelming contempt. One might perhaps view themselves as an opposite. As the class of misanthrope does not necessitate self-loathing. In such cases, to be greater than your other worldly men, you cannot deny a certain self-belief, conceit, vanity.

To paraphrase Aristotle: 'the misanthrope, as an essentially solitary man, is not a man at all: he must be a beast or a god.'

beast of a god :: god of beasts

Back to how I began, on being a narcissistic misanthrope and it possibly causing issue. I change this to 'A misanthrope is to have no troubles with oneself: Easier living.' Unless one misanthrope is also ostentatious.
It would just be the outside other's need to prevail, introduce the image of superiority in their own mind. An ambition not to be slighted, it should be noted!

Of an ostentatious misanthrope:
Where might there lay a true romantic. Surely not caught inside a self inflicted barrier of generalised disgust at humankind?

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  1. "beast of a god :: god of beasts"

    A reflection on what Aristotle said. He said a misanthrope must either be a beast, or a god. So either below or above human form, essentially.
    I twisted it into saying we are all gods. and perhaps a misanthrope is an evil, lower form of god. OR, a misanthrope is greater than other gods.