Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Narcissist Within Our Misanthrope Class - 31st March 2010

I'm confused by (read: confined to) an open state of mind:
To be a narcissistic misanthrope, and for it to cause any issue.

Surely in its true entirety there cannot be a problem. The problem comes from being aware of other opinions, and wanting to fit in or be recognised. Which objectifies your belief in being self-loving, egotistical and also, in mistrusting other persons. With a hatred possibly growing given further thought to those around.

Proof a misanthrope is also [naturally] a narcissist:
In a line of ideas then- To have such distaste, mistrust; At times overwhelming contempt. One might perhaps view themselves as an opposite. As the class of misanthrope does not necessitate self-loathing. In such cases, to be greater than your other worldly men, you cannot deny a certain self-belief, conceit, vanity.

To paraphrase Aristotle: 'the misanthrope, as an essentially solitary man, is not a man at all: he must be a beast or a god.'

beast of a god :: god of beasts

Back to how I began, on being a narcissistic misanthrope and it possibly causing issue. I change this to 'A misanthrope is to have no troubles with oneself: Easier living.' Unless one misanthrope is also ostentatious.
It would just be the outside other's need to prevail, introduce the image of superiority in their own mind. An ambition not to be slighted, it should be noted!

Of an ostentatious misanthrope:
Where might there lay a true romantic. Surely not caught inside a self inflicted barrier of generalised disgust at humankind?

Freezing - 31st March 2010

I don't believe in warmth.
Everything is frozen.
It's a hidden parallel,

[Caught in a twirling divide.]

Heat is just your movement,
So lets stand still.
Wait for the freeze
to help us feel alive.

Now I can't believe in living warm.
I find help in living cold.
I find trust in something so still.
A complete freedom in you.

I cannot hurt here.
You couldn't hate me either.

Keep the people at a distance.
I dislike what they'll see of me.
So still.
Not believing in the warmth..

Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh, the single - 19th March 2010

I saw you swirling
in your blues and blacks.
I caught you singing
to that reflection again.

When you thought no one was looking...
You told yourself you were always alone...

You kept falling in and out of love,
in and around the desires of it.
Just to be held for once.
So please don't go.
So please just hold out.

I'll try, I'll beg.
I'd plead for your warmth,
I will cling to your hand.
You can guide me,
take me home, or lead me away.

You're growing older, with your utter distaste.
He's glaring at you, your bedroom no longer empty.

Now you long..
To be swirling in your colours.
Today you caught your reflection.
You were dreaming of that song.

The one you'd sing to smile.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A minute to write : 21:29:08 - 21:30:10 - 17th March 2010

I hear those words
"you're barely breathing tonight"

It echoes a chore of those days
of these nights, and of your silence.
Side to side we lay,
In your arms we'd be apart.
Always slept facing away from you,
such disgust, and such fear.

Maybe, just maybe
You'll be barely breathing tonight.
[to hear you]

Monday, 8 March 2010

My River - (8h March 2010)

Running in, winter shades of smile
and I listen to your stories
of a life from today.
I rest and I'll take and I'll take.
Hum all along, to this river of song.
I watched as your flag drowned..

And to be caught in with you,
I'd pray for the heavens to fall.
I'd pray at least, for the skies to collapse..
If I was to be given a part of you,
I'm sure we'd know.

I Lay - (8th March 2010)

I can lay,
In my bliss for this minute.
And I can sit,
Wide awake for a week or two..
I'm [t]here for your fall.
and I'm wide awake for your
late night tears.
I hate your anger,
Disgusted by your lusting desire.

Why was your need
of collapsing control?
Of Blue, Red, Green anger.
Who was your immense
dreamful bliss..
Unclear, and please,
just please don't go..
- try

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Who Were We - (4th March 2010)

There once was a place,
Of such unbelievable beauty.
People would walk and run from a far..
They'd give it all to visit this place.
Just once in their life.
Yet with every breath,
With every footstep.
Each inch they'd travel,
Every word that was muttered-
It was slowly dying.
They knew it,
They all knew it.
Yet they came in their masses,
So they wouldn't miss the last.
Just then,
in a moments dream,

Aquarium - (4th March 2010)

Am I such to be trapped-
To be your admiration.
Am I alone in here-
Figured silohette of my home.
Do you smile in my tears-
Am I worth every penny.
How do I feel-
To see from afar.
What must your world be like-
Free as I once was...

Monday, 1 March 2010

suppose - (1st March 2010)

I propose that I was unsure of your state.
For I didn't really understand or figure in time.
Supposing perhaps an hours recovery.
Or a week to brew yourself.

Whatever was hidden in the starlit night.
Racing the streaks of heaven.
Could you ever have been one
to whisper while I slept.

This ride is so lonesome without you.
Just remember for when I am home again,
To smile and maybe force a laugh.
Try recall when you and I were happy.

And please keep my swan song close