Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A ... - (21st Feb 2010)

Am I such that you cannot.
Did I lay in wait too short,
Or perhaps my hands were too cold.
I know your name, your likes.
Hell. I know your smile
and when to listen.
But you won't say anything,
So I stand like a statue.
So I feel that of a stone.
Maybe I'm your spider..

Could I be your forgotten so quick instead-
Or can you be my lustful moment.
I'm catching feathers of snow,
Someone's melted dreamland..
Yet I can't work out the theme tune.
Yet I...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Colours - (7th March 2003)

I'm waiting for the
Just before the
I'm staring at the
I'm looking for your
Yours is the one,
Just before it goes
Yours is the one,
That we all stand and

Just promise me
You won't float away so fast
If i was a cloud,
You'd be my

Take me away.
With you.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

1 - (11th Nov 2009)

Slowly.. You're closing me down,
Gripping me.
Your fist is climbing down,
It's thrusting itself in.

My hands feel raw
My throat
a carved desire.
Yet my mind is bleeding.
Believing becomes a chore,
My sphere just shatters.

Seeing you smile is my light
Hearing you laugh is my valentine song

Monday, 15 February 2010

Mirrors love story - (15/02/2010)

I always wanted to write a story.
Possibly on a life.
A love story, involving a hundred people.
Listen to their thoughts through the moment they met their true love.

I had wanted to try,
Try to paint.
Illustrate a poem. My story of people.
I'd love a life drawing of your smile.
and a burnt image attached.

I once made a blue-tak sculpture,
It was you. Standing beside yourself
holding a gun to your mirrors temple.

Message.. - (2003 - history)

I feel like more
I am their everything.
Love me
Become what i want of you
Never compare to the least.
You are mine.
A slave to my doing.
And you'll always fall short
And you'll always be my failing
You're just not good enough.
Love me. Love me. Love me. [Love me..,]

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

They're screaming - (3rd Feb 2010)

Im not sure if I should have that scene so arousing in my mind.
It was sick, it was wrong. However, the abusive nature. Pure love in the actions. Together made it beautiful. , I am a silhouette of smile.
You'd lied, and I'd listened. I'd found your desire so pure, so true to heart that I could do nothing but smile. You had lied.
I can taste your tongue. Your saliva. Hold your lips between my teeth. I've got your wrists, my legs across yours. Bite down.

You are running short of life now. I'm here for the last breath. I am here to hold your soul.