Thursday, 11 May 2017

So I wait - 11th May 2017

I can only whisper
and wonder
where you've gone, and what
it is you're up to.
I'm scared
I'm petrified
of what you're doing.
Why you aren't with me.

It's no way to breath, to be alive.
It can't be fair
to only just survive.

But I'll stand here still.
I'll listen to how terrible I am.
Tell me what I've done wrong.
Take the punishment as it comes
thick and fast from each
and every side.

I want to wrap us up,
I need to look after, and to
care for you. Be allowed to
cherish you.
But I stand up and just
do something else so wrong
at the next turn.
So maybe I'll stay sitting, and I'll
try to keep myself quiet.

My feet aren't carrying me
away anymore, so I sit. I wait.
I don't think I'll understand
what went so wrong so fast.
What tore it apart so fast.
So I sit. I wait.