Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Where are you now?- 22nd November 2014

Her hair a dirty blonde,
the gentle breeze caressing it in peace.
Piecing brown eyes, though; dark eye
mascara to match; lipstick
of passion.
Our passion.
Her pastel painted skin was it, the draw.

She's a blur to me, as she passes.
I focus ahead, i focus ahead. i tried to.
focus ahead.

We had a dance, a beautiful dance.
Amongst the undergrowth we tore,
one and at each-other.
We broke dreams, lived together a fantasy,
vanquished love and morals to be

I was in love
I was in love
Weren't we in love?

My heating is on at 17:15,
my room feels warm when I finish work.
i like that.
Her dry bloodied body must be cold now, I
don't like that... and the nights are
turning in.
My heating comes on at 17:15-
It's the same time we met. You know that,

No one ever thanks me...
For touching; being a part of; influencing;
creating beauty, in their lives.

i'm just left to be alone.

i don't think i like this solitude.

It allows my mind to run drift float drag
me down...

and i guess i must just miss you.
Come home. Please.

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