Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My Masterpiece - 20th Sept 2011

I washed my hands again.. The fifth time tonight. I felt awful.. He'd taken over again and there wasn't anything of me.. She was only //////.. Barely of female structure, let alone of her own mind. I told myself to dispose of it all. I told myself to cry.

With the elation in your squeel, I knew I'd hit the right part. At least this time I had.. and i had it down.. Burnt for good. Not You!! NO, i'd never hurt you. id never hurt you.. youre too pretty.. Too perfect. too much to risk..
i walked you home.. WE held hands, and i kept telling you how it was how it'd been and would now be i remember you smiling back at me and i knew it was fine it was all ok i forget why i ever worried it was as though i had considered you again as though you had already forgotten had you how could you i had it down though dont worry it was mine to treasure you are MY treasure MINE with such a beautiful whimper such a perfect smile

So perfect on film... SO MINE.. Now run home, my masterpiece.

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