Monday, 14 February 2011

Our Little Boy - 12th Feb 2011

There once was a little boy.
One day he found a box..
Inside, a snow globe, and note.
It simply read:
'Everytime you shake this, you'll be
reminded just how wonderful the
world is, and be happy again -
but. Somewhere, someone else
will be taking your pain.'

The little boy wanted to throw it away.
But this scared him, incase someone
else used it. So he kept it.
Locked it away in the box,
in the back of his wardrobe.

One day, many years later. Our boy,
he's grown up. With a family now.
Driving home an evening, they have
an accident. His family die, and he's left
completely alone.
For fear of his own mind, to save himself
from tears, from this torture.
He searches, and he finds that box.
With that snow globe, and our note.
He sits in anguish, and clinging to hope
begins to shake...
but nothing happens... and never does.

Eventually, this embittered old man -
Our little boy.. He meets his maker..
A similarly misanthropic old man, now.
He asks why the globe didn't work,
demands an answer.
'In time, perhaps you'll realise
what you did...'

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