Saturday, 29 May 2010

Nothing, as the same. - 29th May 2010 (The Wombats-Moving to New York)

I've just had the craziest of nights,
It took me all around this place.
With nothing the same,
Yet every step taken.
How do you find yourself asleep,
With the world out there buzzin'.
So I decided to run this place
cus I've got problems with myself.
Problems with myself.

We'll take this place.
We take every moment.
And I'll catch you in my camera.
Take you away with me.
Me away from you.
Yeah, we'll run this place together.

So, I've just got off the phone,
and he told me not to worry.
He told me it'd all be ok.
Yet every step I take
Every second I am
Just feels the same as before.
So I'm leaving this place,
Leaving you all alone.
I'm going to run this life myself.

So lets take this place.
Lets take every minute.
Capture it all in your pictures.
I'll take it all with me.
Run your world from afar.
Yeah, why can't we just escape.

The craziest of nights,
Walking all around this place.
Yet nothing's the same.
I don't know why I walked and I ran
this maze you made for us.
With the world outside still buzzin'.
I find myself still runnin',
This damn maze you've made.
This maze you made for us.
Just now I'm by myself.

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