Monday, 11 January 2010

I never knew what I should call you.. - (11th Jan 2010)

You had to;

- Shout so I could hear you.
- Smile as you fell asleep.
- Lead me here, so I couldn't see past you.

I've got;

- New ear plugs.
- A black visor.
- A hand full of your heart (words).

I've tried to change my world,
In two days and 6 hours.
but your perfume lingers and groans,
but your lips are a burning imagine.

In a day, perhaps;

- I'll wake up with her kiss.
- Have lost contact.
- Found a magnetic opposite, a mirror.

In a year, maybe;

- I'll wake up to your lips.
- Be alive in a dreamscape.
- Have totally lost my mind.

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